The Ethiopia Film Commission is a private organization born on the base that Ethiopia offers a stunning scenario for productions but recognizes that there is much to be done yet. And that is why we are here. We aim to attract motion media production crews (including movies, television, and commercials) to shoot on location, and offer support so that productions can accomplish their work smoothly.

Among our most innovative features, we have developed an extremely helpful platform that connects freelancers with production houses as well, in what is thought to be a safe, easy to use, and affordable system that benefits both the production house who need to hire professionals and the individuals who want to get hired.

From pre-production to the final cut, we will be your partner every step of the way. Whether it’s an urban shot or a historic village– we get the picture and we’ve got the goods.

We’ve got great locations, from one-of-a-kind landmarks to unspoiled natural wonders and neighbourhoods with character.

What’s more, we take full-service to the next level. Our Locations Manager will do more than offer images and advice. In certain cases, s/he will get on the road and scout the country to meet the specs for your project.

So whether you’re a feature film, tv series, documentary, webisode, or commercial, come to Ethiopia! You will be glad you did.

We invite you to research more about our country, the cradle of humankind.

  Should you have any question, feel free to shoot us an email at