Ethiopia offers a vast range of locations to suit different projects. We have information that can help you find the right locations for your production.

Location managers and scouts

Given the wealth of locations available in Ethiopia, we advise international productions to use an experienced Ethiopian location manager or scout managed through EFC.

A location scout, usually employed for a fixed period during pre-production, will advise on suitable locations and arrange location visits and reports.

A location manager will offer scouting services, but also handle contracts and fees. Most location managers work with the crew throughout production, providing useful advice on local issues and local resources.

Fees are usually based on locations used rather than recommended.

The first step to work on locations is to let us know about your plans so that we can help you. Please contact us and we will reply to you as soon as one of our agents becomes available. 

Please note that an initial non-refundable consultancy fee of USD 150 will be requested upon reception of your form for you to receive the step-by-step guide on the necessary actions for you to organize your coming to Ethiopia. Further consultancy will be budgeted according to different aspects such as length of your stay, crew amount, budget of the production, nature of the shoot, etc.

  Should you have any question, feel free to shoot us an email at